Welcome to the single most comprehensive info source on yoga studios in Zurich! All insights are based on publicly available information. Read my own reflections and unbiased reviews in the blog. Also, check out my HelloZurich.ch interview!

About me

My name is Florina, Romanian born and raised, and since October 2017 a happy resident of Zurich. Since my move, my personal project has been to try out ALL yoga studios in the city, in the search for the one. A year into my quest, I’d fallen short of my goal – obviously not because I was too lazy, but because I was overwhelmed by all the options!

I realized there’s no “one list” of studios in Zurich – which motivated me to set up this guide. Granted, my obsession with lists helped 🙂

I have no experience with web design, so I appreciate all feedback and improvement suggestions.

Enjoy the guide and hit the mat!


Florina Vilciu - Yoga Studio Guide - Zurich, Rote Fabrik - small

Photo and outfit by Ripple Yoga Wear