Many years ago, when I started travelling a lot and far away, my dad suggested writing a travel blog. I was skeptical: Who would care about my experiences? Isn’t it a lot of work for nothing?

These days, I’m not thinking about what could’ve come out of that idea. Instead, I set aside my skepticism and just launched this site. It’s a combination of informative content for all (potential) yogis and yoga studios out there, as well as a “playground” for my blogging attempts.

In this blog section I aim to share my yoga experiences in various locations and studios in Zurich. What do you think of that? Drop me a comment!

I spent last night reaching out to yoga studios in the city and today I have been overwhelmed by replies and feedback. Thank you all so much for the kind words. I’m looking forward to meeting and writing about you very soon!

Until then, happy practice to everyone! At home (like me now) or in the studio 😉

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