Yoga for Lunch

I think most of us are creatures of habit: every day same route to work, same type of coffee, same lunch break time. It sounds boring but routine makes us more efficient by saving brain capacity for other decisions.

My Thursday lunch routine is yoga in my gym, Indigo. I know, it’s not a yoga studio, but I had to go for convenience on this one. This lunch class is a vinyasa-inspired flow, which typically starts with sun salutation variations, continues with more static poses (sometimes dreadful balance-focused ones grrr) and ends with some twists and a brief shavasana. And all this in 50 minutes! 🙂

The class is led by Irina, who also teaches in QiYoga and Yogisi – and who I’m a big fan of. She will have us “work it” in sometimes the simplest poses and then add a fun comment to lighten the mood. Most common reminder: “don’t clench your teeth!”

Do you practice yoga over lunch?
I know, many find it challenging to break the routine. If you’re struggling with that, here’s some instructions you could follow:

  1. Look for a studio offering lunch classes around your workplace – see the “More features” tags in the sidebar.
  2. Pick a yoga trial class and block it in your calendar.
  3. Don’t move it unless a real emergency comes up. If you can’t do it as planned, just move to next week.
  4. Go to class and enjoy!
    • If you liked it, set up a new block series in your calendar!
    • If you didn’t like it, go again next week and then reassess.
    • If you still didn’t like it, find another day or a different studio.

Remember: we are all more flexible than we think! In mind, body and schedule 🙂

Who else wants to start with a lunch yoga routine? Let me know how you get on!
Happy Thursday,

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