“Breathe and calm down”

Monday evening. Need a break. An eventful tram ride after my office escape, I’m entering one of the most beautiful lofts I’ve ever seen. It’s nice AND it smells like incense. Mats and props are all lined up, lighting matches the atmosphere, what else can I wish for?

I’m in Yotree, in for a Hatha Intensive class with Barbara. We are focusing on hip openings and stretches tonight, one can always use that 🙂

I must say, the start was rather slow for my taste – hey, I thought this was the Intensive class! 😛 – but half hour later I could feel it. No overly complex flows or poses, instead well executed classics – such as Barbara’s favourite: the downward facing dog.

We laughed and ached and cracked a little bit.
I would definitely recommend this class for all level yogis – don’t get intimidated by the “Intensive” description. Anyone can join in: Barbara corrected often and guided well.

I’ll be coming back but next time I’ll go for a massage. That’s the great part about this studio: it also offers aromatherapy, Thai massages and facials.

Until then, “breathe and calm down” – best plan for the week!

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