This is not a business

It’s been 10 days since the launch of my project and I am already taking stock.

Overall message: I am equal parts fascinated and horrified.

My self-made blog and my insta account have opened my mind to the incredible analytics opportunities in this space. I have access to so many insights that can help me understand how many people I’m reaching, who and where my readers are, when they are active, and so on. I am absolutely fascinated!

In parallel, I have been researching best practices on how to raise awareness in social media (without ads), and this is where I became horrified. There’s countless articles on how to grow your reader base – most tips include:

  • following random people for 1 day, hoping they’ll follow back,
  • writing fake but genuine sounding comments to their posts,
  • reposting much-liked posts,
  • using 5 or 11 or 30 hashtags (here opinions differ),
  • getting influencers to promote you.

I realized soon enough that these tricks are not compatible with my mission and my principles. The right strategy for me is to invest honest effort and dedication.

I have a ton of ideas on how to increase awareness on the yoga offering in Zurich, and I’m looking forward to engaging with same-minded people to implement them. To date I received the kindest emails from 27 yoga studios and the Hallo Yoga publisher – I am beyond grateful for these votes of confidence! ♥

So don’t follow me just for follow-backs, and don’t worry, I pay for my yoga classes and buy my own yoga pants.

Honesty is the best policy – online and offline, now and forever.

2 thoughts on “This is not a business

  1. Bravo, Flo, on leading with integrity and values! Readership will come and stay due to your hard work, dedication and writing useful and informative blogs on the topic.
    #likeaqueen 😉


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