Just show up!

I unexpectedly escaped the office on Monday evening and spontaneously joined Liora Lilienfeld‘s Hatha Flow class, descriptively named “Sweat!”. I had been planning to come to her classes for a year now (since I got the Hallo Yoga 2.0 book), but got discouraged by her studio location (somewhere up a hill in the north of the city?!). So good she came to me instead, well “my hood” 🙂

Liora greeted me heartily with a hug and I immediately felt welcome. It was hard not to, as her new studio is so cozy, intimate and calming in its simplicity. Lacquered hardwood floor, white curtains, dim light, candles on the side.

Liora chatted energetically with each of her 8 yogis, before slowing down her pace and voice when on her mat. She started by sharing that she teaches from her own practice and made a beautiful analogy between the challenges of life and of yoga practice.

The mantra of the class – “just show up” – was reiterated with humour throughout the 75 minutes. I found it very fitting for a Monday, when many of us are not very motivated to show up (e.g. at work…) 🙂

After some activating and cleansing breathing exercises, we flowed through sun salutations and further core-activating variations. And then I understood why the class is called “Sweat!” =)) Liora aligned each of us throughout the class (I love small studios!) and preached for “sustainable” practice that protects our bodies.

It was a well-balanced class in an intimate and trustful environment, in which I tried my “burst” jump from crow to chaturanga. I failed miserably but it’s ok.
What matters is that I SHOWED UP! And so should you ♥


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