Food for soul

I hadn’t expected but definitely hoped for a swift answer from Erica. On my way to our meeting I was thinking: how did I even find her brand new studio, Soul City? Ah yes, I think it was an Instagram ad, promoting her opening day last Saturday. Wow, this place is really fresh!

She greeted me from the café / open kitchen area where we started discussing – soon very passionately – about her concept and my mission.

So this is what I learned:

Soul City is not just a yoga studio, it has 3 components that I believe are very compatible and complementary, and make for a unique setting:

  • MOVES: The movement center, where yoga classes are currently offered (soon to be diversified)
  • BITES: The no-waste café, where you can share or pick up brunch after your yoga class
  • LAB: The workshop area, which can be reshaped to fit the needs of the group.

(Bear in mind, this is all “work-in-progress” but the foundation is there and it’s so beautiful, check out the pics below!)

Erica’s enthusiasm is pure and well-guided. She is not a kid with an idea. She’s a pondered professional who knows what she wants but still allows room for things to just happen.

She confessed that all of the furnishing and deco is recycled material that was put together with the unexpected support of the community. I admire her appreciation of every single helping hand – she doesn’t take things for granted and I know she will fight for “her baby”.

We clicked almost instantly on topics like community support and social media strategy. There’s so much we can do organically and honestly for this city and the yoga and non-yoga community!

I left Soul City with a lot of energy and confidence! Good use of my lunch break: this was great food for thought… and soul ♥

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