Saturday morning yoga rave

I’m happy to announce that I’m starting a new Saturday morning ritual with my best friend – it involves yoga, of course. More specifically, yoga as a post-Friday-night hangover cure 🙂

We kicked off this ritual last Saturday with a Hatha class with Susan at Serrat(u)s Studio. I only recently realized her studio existed and now I also know why: it’s inconspicuously positioned by Langstrasse, yet is in total contrast to the vibe of the street.

Light colours fill the whole practice area, from the floors to the curtains. Dashes of pink and red, along with funky art, can be seen in the kitchen / corridor area.

Practice started with deep breathing exercises, and continued with pretty fast-paced hatha flow sequences. We enjoyed the luxury of a 4-student class, which meant Susan aligned us many times with a lot of precision.

Another cool thing we did was practice at the wall, building strength for inversions (hand/headstands), all with careful guidance from Susan.

But the “cherry on top” came afterwards, and that was the death of me. Keyword: Kundalini! A 7-minute repetitive sequence of side-to-side twists and powerful breathing. Just as the whole class, this was accompanied by funky, rave-like, psychedelic background music!

It was so epic, we even addressed it – and laughed wholeheartedly about it – after class 🙂 Susan is a really cool, spiritual yet non-traditional teacher, with a laugh that fills every room, and a genuinely artsy studio.

We will surely be back, as we really enjoyed our 90-minute class with her – well, at least 83 minutes of it 😛

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