Take your time…

…at least on Sunday afternoon! And ideally go for a long yoga session 😉 that’s at least what me and 25+ people were up to last Sunday!

This was one of the monthly 2-hour classes organized by POP UP YOGA, and hosted by the Yoga Tribe K6 studio. It was one of the more popular sessions, if I judge by the impressive turnout – the 2°C outside may have been a reason…

Thankfully there was space for everyone in the studio. While I can’t say I’m a fan of the floor of this studio (reminds me of my first apartment), I really like the simple deco and the towering view of the practice area – see my pics below.

Deddou led the class this time and started by setting the theme of the class: removing and overcoming obstacles. This is Ganesha‘s specialty, so we introduced the Ganesha mudra throughout the practice. I really like how classes at POP UP YOGA center around a meaningful theme, without turning too spiritual and esoteric.

We spent the 2 hours flowing through variations of the sun salutations, with a few self-awareness exercises in between, and wrapping up with static and more restorative poses.

So have you noticed how almost everything becomes a lot more challenging when you do it with your eyes closed? Deddou challenged us to trust ourselves and walk slowly and mindfully all around the room, with our eyes closed. Sounds simple enough (and very funny for someone looking at a room of sleepwalkers :))), but now really: try closing your eyes and taking a few very slow steps, and feeling your body weight shift from one leg to the other! It’s unexpectedly destabilizing!

Well, this experiment was very much in the spirit of the class – in the end, you can only remove and overcome obstacles if you trust yourself, with eyes open or closed.

It was great to take the time for this Sunday practice and afterwards for a chat with Deddou. We connected on how social media often misrepresents yoga and creates unrealistic expectations from practitioners and teachers. Deddou also noticed the paradox that many people in Zurich (a.k.a. “yoga heaven”) don’t know where to start with yoga and just don’t try it out.

So it’s set: it’s time to demystify yoga and put Zurich on the mat! 🙂

Watch this space for more updates – and expect a review of the next Sunday session with POP UP YOGA, as I’m coming back in December! ♥


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