Not your usual yoga class

We were warned – Simona let us know from the start that we shouldn’t be expecting the usual, but we already realized that when we entered the building in Feldeggstrasse 4, which hosted an art exhibition in the foyer! Yes, this is certainly not the norm when we go to yoga 🙂

Simona is the teacher behind Tune Up Fitness, a brand new studio that introduces a recently developed technique from the US. My friend and I attended a Yoga Tune Up class, which has a very therapeutic focus, aiming to stretch, strengthen and heal the body.

After picking up the props (see pic below), us three yogis and Simona headed to the top floor of the building and practiced the class overlooking the lake – again, not the usual location for the class, yet a very enjoyable change 🙂

Our non-traditional class focused a lot on exercises with the therapy balls that massaged the deep tissue and released tension, and longer stretches and twists. I won’t lie, this was not a comfy massage, but a super effective one! We could fell how our bodies became less stiff, and somehow longer and leaner.

It was a great reminder that I should be using that blackroll more often at home… It made such a difference, starting the weekend with this class! In my opinion, this was the perfect half-way between physiotherapy and yoga – it was effective (and uncomfortable) like physio, and mindful and relaxing like yoga.

For all those reluctant to start with yoga but longing for a solution to the pains of sedentary office work, think Tune Up Fitness! ♥

And for all those looking for a different kind of yoga, in a different and very personal setting, think Tune Up Fitness! ♥

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