Start somewhere

This split was one of my “wins” of last week. I didn’t manage to do lots of yoga but it was a funny coincidence that the classes I did attend focused a lot on the hamstrings.

Also, I practiced mainly in my gym, and met the lovely Rachael of Live Fit Studio who guided us very mindfully and added in a few fun anecdotes throughout the class.

One of them really resonated with me: Rachael told us how she couldn’t do balance poses at the beginning and how she never had any ballet training or something of the sorts.

I relate – mind you, Romanians are not vampire gymnasts!
I remember I started with yoga as a “stretching class” at my gym in Frankfurt, about 4 years ago. My practice had its highs and lows (and still does), with periods of more intensive practice and “slacking times”. Everyone gets lazy sometimes and that’s ok.

As with everything else in life, you just have to start somewhere. With yoga, please don’t dismiss it as something for bendy or lanky or young people! You may already work out at a gym offering yoga classes – just give them a try. I also still go to “gym yoga” 🙂 Don’t be shy and tell your teacher you’re new, it will make a world of a difference!

Last Saturday we had a complete newbie in our class – good for her! She gave feedback to Rachael and asked her for video resources to practice at home. A few weeks ago, one of my friends left a class because it was not compatible with her own practice style – good for her!

We all have the freedom to practice however we want. So just do it! And don’t quit before you start 😉

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