Introducing urban yogic itineraries!

In the last few months I’ve been asked a lot about yoga studio recommendations, and I’ve promised lots of “yogic” city tours for visiting friends. I love being a tour guide for my friends – and very grateful that I could host many this past year here! – so why not share my itineraries with others?

Introducing my first custom Google Map: Tourist yogi in Zurich!

From Friday to Sunday evening, check out my recommendations for

  • yoga studios – 5 in total, but of course up to you to choose how many you want to visit
  • restaurants, bars and cafés – incl. personal favourites for brunches and dinners, all tried and tested and vegetarian-friendly
  • sights – because you have to take in the stunning heart of the city ♥

The descriptions of each location should give you a gist of what to expect.

Nonetheless, please check class schedules and register accordingly (links provided). Restaurant reservations are always highly recommended over the weekends.

I’d love to know whether this is something you find useful – and if so, if you’re interested in other “urban yogic trips” in other parts of the city.
Let’s get trippin’, my dear yogis! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Introducing urban yogic itineraries!

    1. Thank you sweetheart! Already got a few yogic ideas for London, there’s a nice studio just in front of our places 😻 can’t waitttt ❤😘


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