Like eating ice cream

My favourite yoga practice time is Saturday morning, it’s just the perfect start into the weekend. That’s why I was more than happy to be able to choose a Saturday morning class as the chance to meet Poonam, the owner of Sanapurna.

I have been to Sanapurna before, many times actually, and I am a big fan of their offering. Still, somehow I had never visited a class with Poonam. I researched a bit and found out about her amazing career and that she worked with Julia Roberts for her role in Eat, Pray, Love! O, M, G!

Now, after class, I can see why.
Poonam started class by asking students what they needed to practice today – that’s usually what the most experienced teachers do. She greeted students by name and made acquaintance with new ones. She is definitely very good with names, kudos!

Her class was focused on backbends and hip flexes – by popular demand – and she beautifully built up the intensity of the asanas until the end. We were motivated and pushed in our practice, in a very supportive and empowering manner. Poonam is a great teacher and a mental coach, plus has a refreshing sense of humour.

We practiced mainly in flow sequences, and were allowed a few minutes of sun salutations at our own pace. I reckon Poonam spent max 5 minutes of the 90-minute session demonstrating poses. She constantly moved around the room, provided assistance, aligned us and advised on variations suitable to yogis with injuries.

I was very grateful she took a few minutes to chat with me in the lounge after class. We spoke about her open-minded approach to teaching and to welcoming different teachers in her studio. “Who am I to tell them how to teach?” She certainly appreciates the individual personality of each teacher, which makes her studio so welcoming and so eclectic, for both teachers and students.

She greeted every student by name as they left her studio – I could feel this studio is her home, and that she happily shares it. Expecially over the holidays, her beautiful Sanapurna is open and hosting an array of special classes, so check that out if you are away from family and look for a “homely” feeling.

On my way home I smiled to myself at one of the metaphors Poonam used in class: she compared yoga practice with eating ice cream.

You don’t just gulp down ice cream, you enjoy the taste as it melts in your mouth.

Same with yoga – take your time and enjoy the journey!

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