Yin-yasa with Andrea

Wednesday, 9am team meeting. I take a quick look at my phone when the topics get boring and I see a new email: Andrea is inviting me to a candlelit yoga session this evening. The day is saved!

I got in touch with Andrea when I started the blog, as at the time she had an ashtanga studio in Zurich city center. She explained that she was now focusing on more “freelance” teaching opportunities and working with various studios, so I featured her in my “Specials” 🙂

Her invitation was to the inaugural “yin-yasa” evening class in Planet Yoga, a studio I really like and practiced in earlier this year.

But what is “yin-yasa”?
Andrea explained it very well during the class: it’s a combo between the energizing vinyasa flow and the lengthier restorative yin poses. It means you get your body fired up, not rushing from pose to pose but also not falling asleep in 5-minute long asanas – sounds like a difficult balance, but Andrea did a fantastic job!

We started the class in a circle of mats, facing the candles. Andrea prepared a set of cards that we could pick and use as inspiration. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of these cheesy quotes, but I do like how they help me detach a bit from the daily grind. And that was indeed what this class was great for.

Without rush, we flowed through sun salutations, worked on breathing exercises and practiced deeper stretches.

That night, I also learned about this incredible breathing technique called Agni Sara. Andrea explained the concept and benefits and I was really so sold on it that I tried it again next morning.

I personally think the highlight of the evening was the soothing lavender oil massage I received during sitting meditation. It was such a generous and caring touch and really rounded up Andrea’s beautiful class ♥

Oh wait, the “extra” highlight came after class, when we all gathered round for tea, a nice chat, and Andrea served us her home-made vegan banana bread with peanut butter! What a delicious power bomb of sugarfree goodness – you should’ve heard the list of ingredients: superfood galore 🙂

Andrea told us a bit about her yoga journey and her next steps, and the exciting concepts she has in store, from new classes in well-known studios, to half-day workshops (next on 26 Jan!) – open to any and all yogis!

On my way home I couldn’t help but feel pure relaxation and gratitude for this lovely evening. Also very glad I had been right at 9am: the day was indeed saved ♥

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