Partner up!

Sharing is caring, right? Even more so around this time of the year… And even better if you’re sharing yoga with your best friend!

At least that’s what we learned on a windy wet Sunday evening, at a special 2h-session with POP UP YOGA, the second one I’m attending and writing about.

Our teachers were Marlene and Roberta, and the class was hosted in the spacious Yoga Tribe Studio K6. The theme was indeed partner yoga, but one could also come alone and pair up on the spot. After a nice intro from the teachers, we started with a brief meditation and some “partner-supported” stretches. It may sound weird, but it’s so nice to use your friend’s back or knee as a prop for your warm-up 🙂

We continued warming up with some individual sun salutations before starting with the really fun part: intro to acroyoga!

Our teachers started by outlining the basics and the roles in these poses. So there’s two really important rules that I took away: TRUST and COMMUNICATE with your partner. The two roles are “the base” and “the flyer” – self explanatory, right? And also a bit questionable: so what kind of flying are we talking about here?!

Thankfully, we had our lovely teachers demonstrate every pose in detail, with great step-by-step tutorials, and they “troubleshooted” around the room. We tried out about 5 acroyoga poses that required balance and strength, before all couples landed back on the ground and stretched one another extensively.

Our favourite (and most successful) pose was with the flyer standing on the base’s shins, ideally in a Titanic pose for more drama =) It was a great balance and *trust* pose, and a great reminder that yoga is more about technique than (muscle) power.

pop up yoga partner pose - pedestal

I have to say, this was one of the most experimental and fun yoga class ever, and I was very happy I could share it with my bestie ♥

We received a brief massage in shavasana – my favourite “final touch” – and opened our eyes to see a nice handwritten “thank you” card from Marlene and Roberta. Such a beautiful gesture!

All in all, we laughed, we trained, we relaxed and we learned to trust and appreciate (even more) a person close to us.

So go do some sharing and caring as well with your friends!
Don’t worry, no need to sit on their shins for that 🙂

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