TGIF & Sangha Dinner time!

My colleagues asked about my Friday evening plans. I answered: dinner in a yoga studio. And no, no yoga involved, just food. Intriguing =))
So yes, I was one of the lucky 10 who got a seat at the Ayurveda Yoga monthly community dinner table – yay!

You may have read my post about the glorious class I recently took with Misty. This was my second visit to her studio and I was about to experience it in a very different way. I arrived punctually at 6:30pm and most of the guests were already there (because Switzerland :)). The table was nicely set and the group was mixed: people who knew Misty and her mom Angelica from yoga or work or other settings.

Dinner was freshly cooked in the studio kitchen, vegetarian and ayurvedic. This means that the food was all-natural and its aroma and spices were such chosen to balance out our bodies’ reaction to the current season. On this cold wet early winter evening we were in “vata” territory.

Let me walk you through the menu – also illustrated below:
– Leafy salad with mushrooms and home-made balsamico-mustard dressing – emphasizing the sour and salty tastes
– Gnocchi with 3-colored pepperoni and all possible herbs (sorry didn’t note them all down) – catering to the need for warm, grounding, nourishing food
– Festive nut balls / shapes (gluten-free) – naturally sweet and filling

There’s a lot of online resources explaining why this was a perfect menu for this season, according to ayurvedic principles – here’s one for you.

Still, irrespective of what the philosophy says, to me the most nourishing and balancing ingredient of a dinner is good company. And there was definitely plenty of that! We alternated between total silence (when food was served :)) and hearty laughs.

As our initial group halved down, and the wine bottles emptied out, the ideas kept flowing. Misty and I did a lot of brainstorming, bounced around a ton of ideas and decided to reconvene as soon as possible.

We’re convinced we can make a difference in the “yoga jungle” in Zurich and committed to bring people together, for the sake of all yogis and teachers alike. So let’s start a revolution 🙂 stay tuned or join us with your ideas!

Until then, stay safe, happy and eat well ♥

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