Happy New Me!

This title sounds a bit pretentious, I know, but I’m trying to show how effective my pre-Xmas yoga class “Happy New You” was! Susen and Andy of Yogagold gave this special class on 19 Dec in the intimate Yoga Tribe (K3) which was the most welcome break from pre-holiday madness.

I arrived just before 8pm on this rainy Wednesday evening and was greeted by the two teachers at a table of freshly brewed tea, Xmas cookies, chocolate and more. We chatted for a while until we realized that everyone else was missing. We had no clue what had happened to the other 5 registered yogis but Susen and Andy presumed it was the weather and the pre-holiday stress. I’m a bit less understanding, so if you’re one of the 5 no-shows: shame on you! But good for me as I enjoyed a 90-minute private class with 2 teachers! That’s indeed “yoga gold” 🙂

Susen guided through the class that focused on the heart chakra, coincidentally similar to the Happy Yoga class I took with Andy not long ago. I enjoy the heart openers a lot and I think they fit really well with the concept of the class – no wonder one says “hearty laugh” ♥

Many of the movements were metaphors of loving yourself, such as self-hugs after liberating arm stretches. During the majority of the class we practiced vinyasa flows of increasing depth and complexity, always embedding heart openers. Later on we did partner-supported and wall-supported wheel poses. Susen built in the advanced movements so nicely that we we didn’t realize they had become quite demanding.

So after this pretty “heated” practice we had a few minutes or so of laughter yoga, i.e. some nice “hearty laughs” 🙂 Always fun to just let go and have a good laugh before shavasana!

We stayed on for tea and well-deserved sweets and almost didn’t realize how time flew. I couldn’t believe Susen had just returned from a 6-week training in India, and gave this wonderful class while jetlagged!

I’m very grateful for the amazing private class and very much looking forward to more “yoga gold” Susen brought from India 🙂

If you want some serious hearty laughing, join Andy and Susen’s Laughter Yoga Workshop on 12 Jan! I bet it will be the funniest yoga class (and ab workout) you’ll ever get ♥


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