Bring OM the Sunday vibes

After my holiday – not a wellness trip if I may say – I was happy my yoga project was kicking my ass to get back on the mat! It was indeed time to meet new people and visit new places and one of the studios that’s been on my list forever was Karin’s Bring it om.

I’d seen the pictures of the studio online and could tell it’s tiny, pretty, boutique-style – fact confirmed on my Sunday 9am class! Yes, I made it out of bed that early, that’s how motivated I was 😉 Also, scroll down for some pics.

Other 3 yogis were just as motivated to start their Sunday with a 60-minute yoga session, so it was a really intimate atmosphere. To start off, Karin introduced us to essential oils and gave each of us a tiny bottle of her handmade mix. Her essential oil had a patchouli base and cinnamon, which only unravels after you rub it in your palms – lovely!

We started the practice with some static stretches before a few rounds of sun salutations. We deepened some of the hip openers to slowly prepare the peak pose: a variation of  the half moon pose. I really enjoyed the smooth transitions of Karin’s flow and how she could fit a lot of nice poses into a rather short class without making it feel “crammed”.

Karin led the class in English to cater to the group, and was quick to adjust if anyone needed help. Personally it was not a demanding class – also wouldn’t want that on Sunday morning hehe – but still a thorough practice. I think especially beginners or restarters would appreciate Karin’s style a lot: she is conscious of everyone’s level and is not stretched too thin with the small group. I got a very good tip for my downward facing dog – the classic, almost fundamental yoga pose 😉

We were all very grateful for the tiny essential oil flask – such a nice gift! – which should be particularly good for self confidence and body positivity.
I can’t say I’m a believer (yet) but I did get out of the class with a lot of positivity and good vibes! ♥

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