Sangha dinner – Feb edition

I enjoy rituals a lot. Especially those involving great people and good food 🙂 That’s why after my first Sangha dinner at Ayurveda Yoga, I was quick to sign up for the next one!

So yes, on the first Friday of the month I joined what I now call the “yoga family dinner”, one of the few times I get a home cooked meal in fantastic company… brace yourself: it’s time for my monthly culinary review post.

This time around we had a small group (actually too small as we missed Misty!) which made for an intimate setting and plenty of time to catch up on how we spent the holidays and how we started the year. Our crafty cooks Florian and Misty had prepared for us this delicious vegetarian ayurvedic ensemble:

Pumpkin cream soup topped with pumpkin seeds – slightly spicy and thoroughly warming
Risotto with mushrooms and optional mostarda di frutta – cheesy, balmy, aromatic, and tangy if you wanted it
Süssmost-Creme, i.e. apple juice cream, Swiss specialty–  creamy, sweet yet still refreshing: the perfect finish!

Check out the pics for an added mouthwatering effect:


It was so lovely to share this meal with Angelica, the co-owner of Ayurveda Yoga and other inspiring people. We spoke quite a bit about some recent schedule changes – by the way, the studio is now offering classes every Sunday morning, read here what you can expect in such a class – and about her teaching philosophy.

I appreciate it a lot when teachers share their experiences and enable others to see their motivation and teaching purpose. To Angelica, a class cannot be “scripted”, delivered and replicated as many times as needed. It’s always a unique practice which caters to the students in the room.

Reflecting back on my personal Bikram yoga challenge that I had just declared finished that day, I understand and appreciate her view even more than before. As a student, it’s nice to feel individually taken care of and to be surprised and challenged in your studio practice.

My second Sangha dinner was again proof that you have to take care of your body, mind and soul – with nutritious food, engaging conversations and lovely company! Also noted: it’s never too early or too late to start a new beautiful ritual

Namaste and until next time!

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