Lunch in the LAB

Sometimes you just have to act quickly – and that’s what I did: booked a lunch class in YOGA LAB just around the corner from my office. Because a cancelled meeting can be a blessing (in disguise) 🙂

It was not my first time there. About a year ago, I went for a Forrest yoga session (no longer offered in the studio), which was a great opportunity to see the studio. It’s a small room in a very impressive old building, with hardwood floors and high ceilings (see pic below). I’d say you can fit 8 people in the room, so you can always expect an intimate setting.

This time it was 3 of us for the 45-minute lunch class led by Christina, the studio owner. Although I regularly go for a 50-minute lunch class on Thursdays in my gym, psychologically 45 minutes seemed crazy short to me. The class is called Happy shoulders, happy back, obviously well targeted for corporate workers sitting on their butts most of the day 🙂

In spite of the set theme, Christina asked us for preferences, focus areas and any needs or wishes for the class. We agreed on a slower-paced class, with a focus on deep stretches. And no, not just shoulder and back stretches: Christina explained how interconnected our legs and back are (obviously, beyond the pure anatomy…). Tension travels far and deep into our bodies and tissues and sometimes it’s more impactful to focus on a different area than the painful one.

The plan sounded easy enough, but boy did we stretch! The poses we did engaged so well the back, legs and shoulders (also with smart use of props), that the 45 minutes felt like a generously long time. Time really well spent, as I can feel the extra length in my back again today!

I’m amazed at how much we got done in 45 minutes. No wonder, as Christina seems like quite the power lady: tending to her 4-month old right before class, that after a baby yoga session, while managing this beautiful tiny studio in the city centre, and radiating like a teenager. She’s got great infectious energy, which added to the lunchtime yoga boost.

I’m looking forward to more mid-day escapes like this: from my desk to the lab – the YOGA LAB

YOGA LAB studio

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