Yogic community: under development

Remember the last time you felt like you were on the same wave length with someone else? Even someone you just met?

It’s such a pleasant surprise, right?

I had the pleasure and honour to meet with the lovely Corinne of Yoga Tribe the other week, after we’d exchanged some messages on the yoga community in Zurich. We connected when I started my blog and approached Yoga Tribe and was very happy to get her support with spreading the word on my project.

Now Corinne is looking into using yoga as a “community service” that would help people of all backgrounds feel better in body and mind. Having worked in development aid in many countries throughout Asia, Africa and Europe, she’s seen A LOT. And she can tell there’s so much potential even in Zurich, where it’s not that obvious how many people are in need.

When she’s not teaching at Yoga Tribe – catch her on Wednesdays in K3 Studio and on Thursdays in K6 Studio, as well as irregularly for community classes – Corinne is planning projects. Not just any projects, but ones that help more than the yoga pants business and give back to the community. Something like her experience teaching yoga to refugee kids… How awesome is that?!

I shared with her a few ideas and resources I am aware of in Zurich. There’s some initiatives that focus on the community, and thankfully Corinne is not the only one who is looking to give back. For instance, I’m a fan of Somo Yoga‘s engagement at the ASZ, a unique educational project.

There’s definitely more to do and much to share, so I’m looking forward to collaborating with Corinne to make some of these ideas happen!

For now, we shared lots of hope and positive vibes – stay tuned for more ♥

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