Room for yoga

Sometimes you just have some “off-days” and don’t want to leave the couch for *anything* in the world.

That happened to me a few days ago. I had backaches and lower stomach pain and somehow tension all over – why does everything have to break down at the same time?!

While the preservation instinct says “stay in bed”, the best choice is actually to move a bit and mobilize your body. You’re sick, not dead, right?!

So that’s what I said to myself and headed to yoga in my dire state. I went for my first class in Raum für Yoga, just meters away from my place, for a session with Denise. The “room for yoga” is a small studio, fitting about 10-12 people, at the ground floor of a residential building.

I was greeted warmly by Denise and welcomed to pick a spot, i.e. an already set mat, along with props, blanket and eye pillow on the side. It was warm and cozy inside and the other 6 yogis in the room were already relaxing or stretching.

Class started with meditation and breathing exercises on our backs. Lying flat was already challenging for me, yet the breathing helped loosen up a lot. I’d say it was a relatively smooth and slow start, which helped ease the body into the practice. We did some classic poses in mini flow sequences and focused on opening the hips and lengthening the arms and shoulders.

I was happy: no balance poses today!… well, too happy too early 🙂 We did get a hearty dose of toestands right when I thought we were winding down, and continued with some bridge poses which felt like the ultimate release for my back.

Needless to say, final shavasana was magical: pillow under my head, lavender pillow on my eyes, limbs stretched out and back relieved!

I had to explicitly thank Denise for the therapeutical session, and she even showed me an additional pose that alleviates back pain, so kind of her!

I don’t want to start and preach about the benefits of yoga (ok, I may have done this already…), just would like to encourage you to get out of bed and move even when it’s the last thing you want to do.
You may be surprised at how you feel after you make room (for yoga) 🙂

raum fuer yoga zurich studio

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