Yoga for a vegan cause

I met Anna while waiting for a yoga class that never took place. We didn’t get discouraged by the cancellation, but practiced together and chatted away about yoga, life, plans, everything. That’s when I found out Anna had just completed her yoga teacher training and was slowly starting her teaching journey.

That was over a year ago, and I am so happy we kept in touch and I could follow Anna as she established her voice and offering as a yoga teacher ♥

Apart from her usual classes – see here more – she is involved in the Vegan Entrepreneurs Network and personally advocates plant-based nutrition. Her passion motivated her to organize a community class last weekend, with all donations going straight to the Vegane Gesellschaft Schweiz.

We met in what used to be Café Complet, now, a beautiful multipurpose venue, where I’d already had some delicious vegan brunch. We were almost at full capacity, with 9 yogis showing up to this afternoon class with a cause 🙂

With Anna being a self-proclaimed hatha yoga fan and a teacher of traditional tantra yoga – and no, that doesn’t have any sexual focus – we were in for a very mindful open-level class. Throughout our 90-minute session we focused a lot on proper alignment and step-wise build-up of “classic” poses, which we held for a rather challenging number of breaths. We had the option of flowing through vinyasas or resting in between poses.

While we yogis were holding the poses, Anna was checking our alignment and giving pointers. We had a very mixed group with different levels of experience but Anna’s style was accessible for everyone. The class started and ended with guided meditation, with the last one more extensive and thoroughly relaxing. Add the nice hot beverage after the class and there you have the perfect Saturday afternoon!

I hope Anna organizes more such events and the yogic community in Zurich comes together to support, promote and educate on more causes. You don’t need to be a (total) adept to follow a cause – sometimes sharing support is just as valuable! ♥


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