Yoga on IWD

After many years, it’s really nice to be living again in a country that celebrates International Women’s Day (IWD) on March 8! It’s a very big thing in Romania (and I believe generally in Eastern Europe), and I missed it a lot in Germany.

While we may argue that women should celebrate themselves every day and they actually shouldn’t have to have their own day as we’re all equals bla bla, I like having an extra pretext to do something special.

This “special something” was a community yoga class at Soul City, followed by an apéro and prosecco. The yoga class was by donation, with all contributions forwarded to the FIZ organisation (Fachstelle für Frauenhandel und Frauenmigration). So good for me (because prosecco) and good for others (because charity)!

I’d been to Soul City before but not for a class, so it was nice to experience the rustic unfinished interior as more than a brief visitor. Me and another 5 yogis practiced an hour of hatha-vinyasa yoga led by Nikki. The class was set under the “kali mudra” which stands for feminine power, energy, and inner strength – in tune with the day’s celebration.

The first part of the class was more on the belly and in downward facing dog, later moving up into warriors and goddess poses. Throughout the poses we brought back the mudra as a centering element, and as a nice reminder of our strength (on and off the mat).

I really liked Nikki’s well conceived mini-flows and her soothing voice throughout the class and the final relaxation. We each returned to full consciousness to see a rose in front of our mat – such a lovely token! See more pics below.

What was maybe even lovelier was the action downstairs, as my belly was already longing for the apéro snacks in shavasana. And I was certainly not disappointed! We toasted to us, to the occasion and to our beautiful hosts! It was great to catch up with Erica on her upcoming projects in Soul City and was delighted Corinne also joined in for a drink! The community is slowly but surely taking more shape 😉

Many ideas are in the pipeline for spring and summer, but more immediately, there’s Yoga & Brunch in Soul City next Sunday!!! You’ll probably catch me there, stuffing my face with that delicious hummus! Who’s coming? ♥

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