Wines, kites, yoga and more

The best part about my yoga blog project is not the practice or the writing or the glory (kidding :)), but the fantastic people it brings me in touch with. Each yoga teacher has a different style and energy and philosophy, so each new contact is an enriching experience.

Florie of Art Yoga is definitely on the ambitious, relentless, creative side of the spectrum. She wrote me recently about her latest plans, after her Street Art Yoga project in the Kolly Gallery was discontinued with the gallery move. Turns out, this change was a positive development for Florie, who appreciates mobility and flexibility to pursue various projects – and trust me, there’s lots of projects!

Her background spans much beyond yoga. She is an event manager by trade, a sommelier by training and a kite surfer by passion. The French roots and her family’s affinity to gastronomy and the wining business motivated her to create a wine club and offer wine tours and apéro events. You can find more details on this here:

On the yoga side, combined with her kite surfing passion, Florie is offering a series of retreats in idyllic locations throughout spring and late summer, so check out the schedule on her dedicated website: – maybe you can get in touch for this special offer as well? 😉

Our coffee date was way too short to discuss all the ideas in the pipeline: from yoga classes in exclusive locations, to urban art & wine tours, to special apéro events, the list seems endless… And Florie seems unstoppable!

So keep an eye out as she develops her ideas and rolls out new concepts – I certainly can’t wait to see more! ♥

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