Yoga in pink

A few months ago I was contacted by the Pink Ribbon Schweiz team regarding my blog, which they found a very helpful resource in their search for yoga studios. Their initiative was to engage with the studios and offer charity yoga sessions early April, in the name of the fight against breast cancer.

In exchange for my support I was offered to take part in their official lunch yoga session – as the evening one was already booked out (darn!). Oh well, if there’s a will there’s a way, so I somehow made it happen this Wednesday.

The 1-hour session took place in Folium at Sihlcity and was led by Susan Tomasko of Yoga am Hottingerplatz. All yogis were welcome by the reception team, suited with a pink ribbon and invited to their gifted yoga mats. To note: for the reasonable price of 40 CHF participants got a pink Jade Yoga mat (best mats out there if you ask me), a water bottle, a drink and all sorts of other promotional stuff (check out one of the pics below).

Before starting the class, Susan went to each and every one of us – I’d say we must’ve been about 15 people – to introduce herself and inquire about our yoga experience, injuries or medical conditions. I don’t know if she does this before all of her classes (I have been to her studio but not in her class), but even so it’s a really nice personal touch.

This class was a very nice vinyasa based practice, focused on hip and heart openers, the latter being rather related to the cause that brought us all together. We combined high lunges and warrior poses with back bends, built up core strength in planks and crunches, and engaged in pidgeon poses for deep final stretches.

One thing Susan mentioned a few times really stuck with me: she told us to “keep it simple, not complicated” – an indeed simple ask but sometimes so elusive…
“We start with the body and continue with the mind.”
Yes, yoga really helps me break things down to simpler elements – just breathing, just movements – yet I wasn’t actively thinking of the mental “untangling” that it supports.

At any rate, a yoga lunch break will detach you very nicely from the daily grind 🙂 This session was indeed worth the commute to Sihlcity and I am happy to support the cause behind this event!

This was just one of the many sessions organized with Pink Ribbon Schweiz in different studios in Zurich!
Check out the full list here and get down to more yoga in pink ♥

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