Wake Up! call

When someone tells you to “Wake up!” you don’t really jump into a burpee, do you? Well that’s probably because you haven’t been to a Wake Up! Workout yet.
I have – or better said – I survived it!

This class was actually a Lululemon special: that is one of the free community classes they usually offer in the space above the store. You may have seen their events on Facebook and listed on my blog post. There’s typically yoga classes on the menu, so this was the exception.

I had heard of Wake Up! before as the classes take place in the Planet Yoga studio (which I visited frequently last year), and I’d seen their crazy early classes on the schedule, ufff… Well, it does justice to the name, right? 🙂 This time it was an evening “wake up call”.

Nadia, the mastermind of this programme, and her sidekick first walked us through the concept of the workout: you have about 10 stations, each with a different set of exercises. The given exercise is done for 2 minutes, one minute at a time, with a “break” in between. But don’t worry, the “break” is not a breather, it’s always a surprise set of exercises that will still keep your heart pumping.

In the course of 60 minutes we warmed up with squats, then rotated about 8 times, did another 8 different “break exercises” and wrapped up with a few stretches. On the rotation menu we had burpees, jump squats, planks, wall-sitting, sit-ups, push-ups… and more. No boring moment, that’s for sure!

What I found really fun (and a bit of a torture) were the in-between/ break exercises which kept the whole workout interesting and unexpected. We also trained in pairs or competed with our neighbours, so it was nice to meet some new people at the same level of desperation as mine 🙂

Well, the great part is that this is not a workout just for early birds (as I don’t qualify :)) but also for whoever wants a fun and effective full-body training with engaging trainers. Take a look and go for one of their free trial classes! I know, it’s not yoga, but yoga will feel amazing afterwards 🙂 ♥

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