Yin by candlelight

Monday survival kit: coffee, more coffee.. and evening yoga 😀

And not just any yoga, but this time “Candlelight yoga” session at Lola Studio! I’m still taking advantage of my 3x trial pass, which I recently used for a “Free Spirit Flow” session you can read about here.

Upon arrival to this 1-hour class in the Lola Fred shop I was greeted by a half-circle of mats pointing towards an island of lit candles – yes, this class truly fits the description 😉 The focus of this session is more on release, deep stretches, relaxation, self-care… just the right ingredients for the first evening of the week.

This Monday class was comfortably full but not crammed, with the large room allowing for about 12-14 mats to harmoniously surround the candles. Andrina led the class, first with a series of poses lying on our backs. In usual classes, these are the “closing poses”, but considering the focus of the evening they were perfectly relaxing and even invigorating. We stretched our inner thighs, hem strings, calves and feet, while trying to relax the whole upper body.

It’s these slow, passive poses that really make me realize the existing tension in my body and the active effort required to just let go

For the second half of the class we moved one level up, into table top positions and low lunges, where we worked those inner thigh muscles even more and lengthened the obliques. Towards the end, we lowered down, this time on our bellies and properly stretched the shoulders. The whole class was composed of well selected deep, lengthening poses which challenged our ability to release – both body and mind.

I’d highly recommend this yin-style open level class if you’ve had a busy start into the week, a heavy party/travel weekend or just need to unwind in a down-to-earth, yet unique setting (I would sometimes end up ticking all those boxes :)). At any rate, after this intimate session by candle light, you’ll just want to lower the blinds and bring the vibe back home

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