Movement Jammin’ for Movement teachers!

Are you a movement teacher?
Then welcome to an exciting new project: Movement Jammin’!

Here’s a space to explore interconnection between various movement disciplines, to exchange knowledge, to learn from each other, while having loads of fun.

The initiative is powered by passionate movers: Barbara (Yoga teacher at Yotree and BJJ practitioner), Abi (movement teacher and founder of Flow Village mixed movement) & Justyna (movement enthusiast and creativity explorer).

Join these lovely fun people at their next event:

  • When: Saturday, 29 June, 2-4pm
  • What: Discipline Discovery: Budokon
  • Where: Zeot Zürich, Lagerstrasse 107, Kreis 4
  • Price: Free participation, donations for covering the rent most welcome
  • REGISTRATION per email at or

Hint: If you’re wondering what Budokon is, read here about my first experience with this movement discipline and check out the teaser video below or via this link!

Happy jammin’! 🙂