Come as you are!… to STAMBHA

So I did!
I came to STAMBHA on a gloomy Saturday morning, still half asleep, but excited about a new experience in a new studio. It was an open day with lots of nice events, including yoga classes, intro talks, optional mini-coaching sessions and more.

I had registered for the morning yoga session and following talk on the studio offering, and a bit before 10am I found myself in Tiefenbrunnen, following other people carrying yoga mats. At the top of a beautiful building just by the station I was greeted by the excited yoga teacher team. The studio is really a gem: high loft ceilings, minimalistic colourful accessories, simple artsy decoration.

In the generously sized practice room the mats were already aligned in a circle. Without thinking about it, I just grabbed a spot in what I only later realized was the front of the room 🙂 … and as it happens in Zurich ever so often, I was next to a fellow yogi, health enthusiast and aspiring entrepreneur: Eli of The Wellness Method, the creator of the collagen truffles I tasted in Live Fit Studio!

We kicked off the open day with a 90-minute yoga session which was delivered by different teachers in their own style – great opportunity to get to know them and understand the diversity of STAMBHA:

  • Ezgi covered the intro, followed by a brief meditation, guided mantra singing and *dancing* on what sounded to me like Brazilian music;
  • Jeanne continued with a powerful flow yoga sequence;
  • Luna engaged our core with planks and chaturangas supported by creative props (think bolster on top of 3 blocks!);
  • Salvatore followed with an out-of-the-box movement practice and energetic exchange with fellow yogis;
  • Mary guided us into deep backbends and side twists to wind down before the final shavasana.

Hard to believe this all fit into an hour and a half, right?!

All asana practice was very focused on alignment, while the movement practice (and the impromptu dancing 🙂 ) was very free, flowy, open, unique.

When we practiced on the mats in a circle, there were a lot of opportunities to touch your neighbours or make eye contact with the opposite yogi. All these interactions were encouraged as part of the fun, playful, easy practice – not seen as weird and awkward.

One could easily tell that the community spirit was at the core of the practice and is the pillar of this studio. I stayed on for a round talk with Ezgi and her spark partners Ariane and HamSa to get to know more about the yoga education and the other broad offerings available: from meditation to astrology to holistic coaching.

What I really appreciated about STAMBHA & spark was the clear vision on what this space and community stands for. I learned this in uni and at work a long time ago: the vision and mission are everything, and I seldom see that so honestly and consistently expressed and delivered as in this place.

The theme of the day, and of the studio in general is “come as you are” – and after my time there I can tell it’s not just a nice motto but a true pledge. As Ezgi beautifully put it, we should embrace our uniqueness and see it as a uniting instead of dividing factor in our interactions!

Thank you for having me as I am, and for connecting me to your unique community

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