Think big. BIG FLOW.

You know the saying “Think BIG“?

Thought I’d apply it for once and go for a big flow at Planet Yoga! It’s a two-hour session taking place every few months under the motto Pranayama. Asana. Electro. Savasana., led by Bettina and Holger (my secret yoga teacher crush… ok now not that secret anymore :)).

The motto makes a lot of sense, and Electro – the “odd one out” – is just one of the unique elements of this special session. Let me elaborate.

Planet Yoga is generally the place to be if you’re into vinyasa yoga and appreciate a playful, creative, challenging practice. While each teacher has their own style, humour and pace, I must admit I practiced the most complex vinyasa flows in this studio. And the big flow also had a lot to offer on this front!

On a warm Friday evening, ahead of a moody summer weekend, the motto of the class was “summer vibes“: flowy movements, refreshing breaths, playful twists and turns, liberating meditation. Holger kicked off with guided meditation, and Bettina followed with warm-up sequences. As they alternated roles and we practiced almost *everything* from (a lot of!) balancing poses to twists to backbends, the electro beats picked up the pace harmoniously. New pose to me: bakasana (crow pose) standing, i.e. with feet on the ground, arms on the side of the upper body. On first thought you’d think it’s much easier than the classic arm balance, but to me it was just the opposite. Nice to observe the impact of a change in perspective!

It was my first class with Bettina and I was impressed: one can tell she has a lot of experience, confidence and a solid dose of humour she blends into her teaching. Even as we struggled to hold a pose, she dropped a nice reference to the summer vibes that was both entertaining and motivating – nothing like visualizing a beach, sea waves, or an extra large ice cream (…ok that was probably just my own imagination :)…) to refresh your mind.

Back to the Electro part of the motto, I found myself a few days later obsessing over a tune from the flow. Thankfully, parts of the big flow soundtrack are available in this Spotify playlist, ready to be played on repeat. My personal favorite: Una Mattina by Hraach; second choice: Nevada by Kerala Dust.

Big beats, big session, big flow – it was indeed oversized in the good sense but I can’t say I had enough 😀 I could certainly get used to thinking big!

So bring on the next big flow please 🙂 ♥

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