Ripples of good vibes

A few weeks ago I got an email from Adva, the owner and chief designer at Ripple Yoga Wear. She found me via my posts on Tel Aviv yoga studios, as she and her company are from Israel, and was wondering if I would want to meet up for a photo shoot in Zurich. I researched a bit on the company, their mission and products, and accepted.

I suggested the location: Rote Fabrik, one of my favourite places in the city, and was glad to meet Adva along with Liran, the photographer behind this beautiful shots, on a moody Monday evening. The changing patches of clouds were apparently favourable for the photos – phew!

I have to admit: I was nervous and had no clue where to start, so just decided to “go with the flow”. And that was the best idea! We tried out different settings, outfits and poses,  had fun in some partner poses with Adva, explored the area, admired the graffiti, laughed a lot and simply enjoyed an awesome evening!

This is yoga to me:
Opening your mind and heart, sharing your passion with others, appreciating everyone’s yoga path, consciously going with the flow.

I had the best time talking to Adva and Liran about Ripple, the windy road to starting this business, the focus on natural materials, and the trial and error process of refining the products together with yoga teachers. We also exchanged thoughts about yoga styles, our preferred practice at the moment, and the yoga world in Zurich and abroad. We learned about each others’ life and work in Israel, US, Japan, Switzerland, and reflected on cultural differences and priorities.

The photos are amazing, yet they don’t show how enriching this evening was to me! It’s one of those things that can’t be captured by a camera lens – sorry, Liran 😉
It was all so true to the motto of the company: ripples of good vibes

If you’d like to learn more about Ripple Yoga Wear, check out their website: You’re welcome to a 12% discount with this code: YSFlorina. Let me know if you’re interested in distributing these comfy natural products in your studio.


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