On confidence

What am I 100% confident in doing?

Reflecting on this question is one of the homework items for my yoga teacher training course (more background here).

I have to say, it took me a long time to come up with the answer. Whatever I thought of, I almost immediately disproved it with some counterexamples, real or hypothetical, which would undermine my full confidence. I thought of my abilities to persuade my peers at work, my presentation skills, my physical resilience and my planning discipline.

I guess there’s never a 100% confidence level but if I eliminate a certain “margin of error”, I’d say I’m confident at:

  • Preparing high quality Powerpoint presentations (sometimes even without knowing the topic at all)
  • Planning my travels quite well (even obsessively at times)
  • Making small talk or entertaining a conversation with almost anyone (I’m afraid of silence, so that’s a pretty powerful motivator)

Now what does this have to do with yoga training?

The reflection is meant to help us trainees identify what aspects of a subject matter boost our confidence, and enable us to deliver something successfully… such as a yoga class at some point 😉

If I think of what I wrote above, the qualities that foster my confidence in doing something (in this case teaching yoga) are:

  1. Experience → that needs some time, need to gradually build up
  2. Knowledge / expertise → also needs time, but it’s already work in progress
  3. Personal motivation → already there!

So maybe I’m 50% on my way to 100% confidence?! May be overly optimistic but it’s ok, sounds pretty good to me 🙂

There’s obviously lots of work to be done but I’m on my way, or better put: on my path of yoga. I’ll keep reporting, and hope our paths will cross (again) soon!

Namaste ♥

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