Yin, cacao, community

Sometimes you have a tough day, or week… or year! 🙂
Yes, sounds extreme but it’s true. You sometimes just need to wind down, let go, restore, reset yourself… And yin yoga is a beautiful answer to your needs, even better if it’s coupled with delicious cacao.

I decided on a whim to join Aleks Nikolic‘s community class last Thursday in Yoga Tribe (K6) – I will be honest, I was hesitant because I have SO MUCH on my plate right now that I thought I just can’t bring my best self to what sounded like a rather intimate event. It’s officially called a Yin Yoga & Cacao Ceremony, and described as a time for nourishment, in a safe, calming, recharging space.

The nourishment was indeed physical, mental and emotional. It was a full class so grabbed a mat and briefly chatted with fellow yogis before we started with an initial silent meditation. I must add, my mood had already improved after meeting in person one of my Insta followers: Katja – thank you for your kind words and support!

Meditation was followed by the first goodie of the evening: cacao! We gathered in a circle to pass on and each enjoy a cup of strong, flavorful hot chocolate made with Naked Chocolate fairtrade cocoa powder, cinnamon, rosewater and other spices from Aleks’ family garden. Sharing and making eye contact with your neighbors was emphasized, yet the effect of the cacao was individual. Each could sit in silence, feel the heat of the beverage and meditate on what they needed at that time. I like that: peaceful, quiet, social environment without forced sharing or emotional heaviness (apart from your own, if you choose to hold on to it ;))…

The cacao ceremony was followed by yin yoga, where we enjoyed a few restorative poses for 5-10 minutes each. Child’s pose, butterfly pose, heart opener on a bolster, twists, shavasana – no need for more poses to reach full body release and complete relaxation. My shavasana i.e. corpse pose was indeed true to the name: by the end of this session my pulse and body temperature sunk so much I was pretty much a breathing corpse 🙂 devoid of heaviness, stress and worries and ready to return among the living!

So yes, sometimes you have a tough phase, but it’s up to you to let it pass.
Nothing like yoga, cacao and community to help you let go


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