Feel Good Friday Yoga

Friyay! TGIF! … and so on.
Who doesn’t get excited about the end of the traditional work week?

I certainly do, but also think Fridays are packed with hyped expectations: you may want to leave work soon, see friends, have a few drinks, cram some errands… while all the time you’re drained after 5 days at work. Not good. Not for me at least. That’s where yoga comes in – yay 🙂 And more specifically, where Tanja‘s special “Feel Good Friday Yoga” class saves the day 😉

75 minutes of yoga in the beautiful, simple and peaceful The Guiding Sun Yoga Studio in Thalwil can be a true rescue, and a perfect start into the weekend. But let me start with a proper introduction: I “met” Tanja on Instagram after I expanded my directory to Thalwil studios, and we connected while I was in Helsinki. As a Finnish native, she recommended me yoga venues in the capital, and I was instantly touched by her kind words and helpful suggestions. This Friday session was a long overdue personal meet-up 🙂

It was an intimate group that evening, which made for a very soothing environment after leaving the hustle and bustle of Zurich city center. Tanja opened the class with a brief meditation and visualization exercise, before we went for some seated warm-up twists. These were followed by classic sun salutations and a few rounds of static standing poses: warrior 1, 2, side angle.

I really appreciated Tanja’s very specific guidance into the poses – precise, cautious, caring, with full attention to our alignment. That’s in compliance with the yoga style she teaches: Purna Yoga translates to “full” yoga and is a combination of alignment-based, therapeutic yoga practices, which covers poses, breathing, meditation as well as ayurveda and nutrition.

I must admit, the first part of the class was very much “classic hatha”. It was only after the standing poses that I realized the “purna” elements in our practice. So we went to the wall to prep for headstand / sirsasana, for which we used a lot of pads as props. We didn’t lift up in the full pose but enjoyed the inversion in a simplified (and just as effective) variation. Later into the class we returned to the wall for a nicely supported shoulder stand / sarvangasana that involved even more props – a pose in which I could’ve probably stayed *forever*!

But probably the most innovative take on yoga props was the use of a folding chair for two poses: a side stretch using the back of the chair as lever, and shavasana with calves on the chair. What a truly gratifying final pose!
What’s that saying about putting your feet up after a long day? That move did justice to it 😉

After class I had a lovely chat with Tanja and we enjoyed her home made natural protein balls enriched with essential oil – just another delicious surprise of the evening. By the way, Tanja is also an expert on essential oils and offers a free lecture on them after the special Friday class!

To me, this is the recipe for perfect Friday evenings: soothing, balancing yoga practice, great company and nourishing food.
New favorite acronym: TGIFGFY – Thank God it’s Feel Good Friday Yoga 🙂
Namaste ♥

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