My Community Class

What does community mean to you?
To most of us, it’s a safe space, a support function, a familiar group.

As a yogi and a new teacher, I find the community really important, even essential for my development, and I rely a lot on the feedback I receive from it – it keeps me motivated to share and explore.

So when I found out I could share my practice at a Community Class at Yoga Tribe K6, I was very excited and grateful! This is a regular class by donation, every Thursday at 8pm, led by various teachers with different styles – read about my previous Yolates and Yin & Cacao Ceremony classes. It’s a wonderful opportunity also for new teachers like me to get exposure, gain experience and share with the community.

I was nearing the end of my yoga teacher training at Sanapurna (read more here) when I looked for a slot to teach a community class and had to think of a theme that would most resonate with “my style”. Throughout the teacher training and through my deeper yoga practice, I realized how extremely helpful yoga props (such as blocks, straps, bosters) can be – not just to access a pose but to experience the shape of it in different ways.

So that’s how my class theme was born: “Let’s make props great again” 🙂
An attempt to accept and (re)discover the use of these helpers, while enjoying the full benefits of the asana practice. Also, a great reminder to practice ahimsa, i.e. non-violence towards your body, and go as far as accessible without straining it.

It was a wonderful class and my 5 yogis made good use of blocks, straps and bolsters both as support and as extra challenges. Think downward facing dog with hands on blocks – we did quite a few of those 😀 The fact that a movement seems weird and unusual at the start is also an indicator that we may be neglecting or overengaging that target area. In supported downward facing dog, the blocks help reduce the overextension in the shoulders and engage the triceps more during the push of the pelvis upwards. That’s just an example of the sometimes small but impactful modifications of the practice through smart use of props.

At the time when I set up the class I didn’t have any concrete plans about teaching yoga, so the opportunity to offer this Community Class was an amazing “lifeline” and a great vote of confidence. I can’t fully express my gratitude for the professional support received from Corinne and the Yoga Tribe team!

Today, I’m happy to be joining the Yoga Tribe teacher community, and excited to be teaching every Monday evening at the K3 studio – details here.
Looking forward to sharing more with you and the whole yoga community (with or without props) 🙂
Namaste ♥

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