Sharing yoga, sharing love ♥

When the lockdown started, the world suddenly divided into two groups: the “can”s and the “cannot”s: the people who can work from home and those who cannot. The people who can keep doing their job and those who cannot.

I was humbled to see this sudden development and to notice my privilege. It was certainly not the same to work from home but I was not impacted financially. The yoga, wellness and fitness world soon went online, and even though the offering was not the same, it provided some relief. I realized that I can do “both my jobs” in this new setting, while others are struggling to hold on to any kind of work.

In the hope of alleviating some of the financial struggles and providing a bit of relief to those in need, I decided to donate all contributions for my online classes to charity. The reaction from my friends was overwhelming and truly impressive: many yogis – some new to my class, some known faces, some living in Zurich, others abroad – contributed generously to “my corona relief fund”.

We collected 805 CHF towards emergency support during the coronavirus crisis. Our yoga teachers managed to brave through this exceptionally difficult time, so the funds will go towards global communities in need. Read more about Solidar Suisse, the organization managing our donation which is also doubled by its backers.

Beyond the financial support, I collected millions in good vibes, positivity and gratitude! As always and even more so during social isolation, practicing and sharing yoga was extremely rewarding on all levels. Seeing so many yogis log into the online class from different parts of Switzerland, UK, USA, Belgium, Estonia, Finland truly made my heart full.

Also, receiving so much support from my yoga teaching community was truly priceless: I appreciate especially our Yoga Tribe community’s openness to “pro bono” yoga / practice for a cause. At the start of the online yoga revolution, I had backing from our core team and an instant support group in our teaching community.

It was eye-opening to see how many amazing people have contributed in multiple ways to this project – I thank you all from all my heart! I’m planning to regularly support more charitable efforts by teaching yoga, so stay tuned for more “love projects”…

Because this is the essence of yoga: sharing love ♥

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