Aid4India – A project of love

When yoga studios finally reopened in Zurich in the spring, I knew where I had to go first: HOME. And my yogic home is the place that made me into a teacher and helped me understand that I’d always be a student of yoga: Sanapurna.

On 20 June I was there for a special event: the celebration of the International Yoga Day and the launch of Sanapurna’s charity Aid4India. All proceeds of the day were donated to help save lives and counteract the impact of the COVID pandemic in India.

Before class, I had the chance to watch a presentation on the projects the charity supports, and understand more about how lives have been adversely impacted in the last year, not just by the illness itself but by socioeconomic shifts. Aid4India is currently focused on providing:

  • food rations and household essentials
  • access to online schooling
  • school fees for children.

Given the current travel restrictions, reaching people in need is very difficult. Thankfully, Sanapurna owner Poonam and her family have close and trustworthy contacts on the ground who enable every rupee to make a difference.

What truly touched me were Poonam’s words of gratitude after we started our practice. She decided to dedicate a year of work to the charity – an investment and a commitment that go above and beyond – and shared how the act of giving just “happens” in her community in India. It is normal and natural to support extended family members through tough times, to share food and resources with the local community, and to give whenever you have a bit in excess.

The act of exchanging energy and helping the world within your reach is something so intrinsically human, and so easily forgotten. Let’s reconnect to our natural generosity and share love and hope! ♥

Account details – SanapurnaAid4India 

Account holder: Sanapurna GmbH – Militärstrasse 115 8004 Zürich
Bank: Zürcher Kantonalbank, 8010 Zürich
IBAN: CH65 0070 0114 8048 7135 5