Yoga at Balance 149

Stauffacherstrasse 149, 8004 Zürich / Open Monday to Thursday and Sunday morning. Offers early morning and evening classes. Prices: 1x for 25 CHF (studio classes). Online class every Tuesday evening for 12 CHF.


Lessingstrasse 11, 8002 Zürich / Open Monday to Saturday. Offers early morning, lunch and evening classes. Prices: Contact teachers for details on price plans. Also offers pilates, meditation, open floor and other movement classes, ayurveda therapy.

Yoga with Paula

Are you looking for more ashtanga in your life? Or are interested in pre- or postnatal yoga? Paula can support you (or our company) with her classes! See her full offering on her website: You can join her small group classes in Kreis 4-5 or catch her at ATHAYOGA on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Happy …

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Sharing yoga, sharing love ♥

When the lockdown started, the world suddenly divided into two groups: the "can"s and the "cannot"s: the people who can work from home and those who cannot. The people who can keep doing their job and those who cannot. I was humbled to see this sudden development and to notice my privilege. It was certainly …

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The virtual yoga revolution

The current world crisis has changed a lot in our routine, habits, interaction model... and among other tragic developments, it has also put my yoga studio adventures on hold 🙂 In this "new normal", I see the world adapting its ways, and me and my yoga practice are also jumping on the bandwagon. As most …

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Retreating in Goa, India

Travelling thousands of miles through India can be pretty exhausting, as some of you may know. As a self-proclaimed yogi, people expect your stay in India to be all about yoga, meditation, relaxation... well in my case, after some rough backpacking I allowed myself to unwind for 3 full amazing days in Goa! I chose …

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My Community Class

What does community mean to you? To most of us, it's a safe space, a support function, a familiar group. As a yogi and a new teacher, I find the community really important, even essential for my development, and I rely a lot on the feedback I receive from it - it keeps me motivated …

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Low cost yoga over lunch

I'm always so happy to see when yoga practice doesn't come at a high price - but is made accessible to any and all 😉 Corinne is offering an affordable lunch break option: Yoga for 10 CHF every Thursday lunchtime at Stadtyoga by Zurich Binz - see details in the flyer below. They say there's …

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Talking POP UP YOGA Plans

Sometimes yogis just want to have lunch and a nice catch-up (about yoga :)) – so that's what Deddou and me did one beautiful December day. I had met the founder of POP UP YOGA before, in or after class, but now I really wanted to sit down and talk about her yoga concept, 2020 plans and …

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On the delight of yoga practice

There are some places in this city that showcase yogi "all stars" without the pomp and the pretentious claims. These places often fly under the social media radar, by choice or by design, and discovering them becomes extra rewarding. That is what happened on my first visit at Yoga Anker studio – not a new …

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