Guess what? I also teach at various locations in Zurich! See below my schedule – hope to practice with you soon.

Regular class at Yoga Tribe K3: Mondays at 18:30 – 19:45 
*** In person and via online live stream!***
Email me at for further details, see FB event or register online here via Eversports.

Unsure if my class is for you? Well here’s some helpful pointers…

What to expect in my class:

  • Progressive and adaptable asana practice suited for all levels
  • Meditation and visualization exercises focused on centering
  • Empowering cues and adjustments (with prior consent) to build up and sustainably maintain each pose, anatomically and energetically
  • English led classes with Sanskrit references to pose names and mythological origins
  • Modern background tunes during practice, ending in peaceful shavasana

What you won’t find in my class:

  • Extensive mantra chanting
  • High intensity training or “power yoga” workout elements
  • Exclusively demonstration-based teaching
  • Adjustments or massages in shavasana (unless explicitly requested by the student)
  • Poems, crystals, oils, sound bowls

For any questions please reach out to me via the contact form.
Now off to my mat 🙂 See you later. Namaste ♥

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Photo and outfit by Ripple Yoga Wear