Guess what? I also teach in Zurich! See below my schedule – hope to practice with you soon.

Regular class at Yoga Tribe K3: Mondays at 18:30 – 19:45 
*** In person and via online live stream!***
Email me at for further details or register online here via Eversports.

Unsure if my class is for you? Well here’s some helpful pointers…

What to expect in my class:

  • Progressive and adaptable asana practice suited for all levels
  • Meditation and breath awareness exercises focused on centering
  • Empowering cues and adjustments (with prior consent) to build up and sustainably maintain each pose, anatomically and energetically
  • English led classes with Sanskrit references to pose names and mythological origins
  • Modern background tunes during practice, ending in peaceful shavasana

What you won’t find in my class:

  • Extensive mantra chanting
  • High intensity training or “power yoga” workout elements
  • Exclusively demonstration-based teaching
  • Adjustments or massages in shavasana (unless explicitly requested by the student)
  • Poems, crystals, oils, sound bowls

For any questions please reach out to me via the contact form.
Now off to my mat 🙂 See you later. Namaste ♥

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Photo and outfit by Ripple Yoga Wear