@Yogis: This guide is an opportunity for you to understand what is out there and choose what best suits you.

@Yoga studios: I would appreciate your help with keeping this information accurate and up to date. If you make any changes to your offering, please give me a heads-up.

@Independent yoga teachers: This is a directory primarily for studios. I am aware that there are many more options to practice yoga with you outside of a fixed studio. Apologies if your offering is not included in this overview (yet).

Details on the features tagged

  • Early morning classes: on weekdays before 9am (suitable for the average working yogi)
  • Lunch classes: on weekdays only
  • Advanced classes: as actively advertised in the studio schedule
  • Classes in English: selected classes offered (exclusively) in English, as advertised in the studio schedule
  • Hallo Yoga Book: studios you get a free class in with the Hallo Yoga 2018/19 book, valid until 30 November 2019. More details:

Details on the prices quoted

  • Only 1x (drop-in, one session), 10x (or similar) and monthly passes (if available) are mentioned. This is for easy comparison purposes. Many studios offer more passes / plans / subscriptions, so please contact them for all the details.
  • Where a price range is given, this applies to classes of various lengths (typically 60 min. to 90 min.)